Holy Cross Blossoms Opportunity School for Special Children

Holy cross Blossom Opportunity School is a special school for children with intellectual disabilities, Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), slow learners, learning disability, multiple disability, Down syndrome between the age to 18 years. This was founded in 1997 with 5 children. Today we serve more than 120 children.

Early intervention is a half day programme for the children of 0-6 years. The parents accompany the children for every activity in order that they may teach them at home.

The school has a full time physiotherapist, speech therapist who work individually with the children, recommends alternate therapies available at the school such occupational therapy, yoga, swimming, Dance and music therapy, sensory stimulation and integration, speech and sand therapy, play and recreation therapy. Through vocational training, the children are trained to make handicrafts, phenol, soap oil and candle.