Eulogy of Sr.Roseline Pampackal

Farewell to our dear Sr. Rosaline

Happy are those who die in the Lord, happy indeed the Spirit says, “Now they can rest forever after their work, since their good deeds go with them”. Rev. 4:23.

Fortunate are we who are present here to attend the funeral service of a saintly person. Like the gentle glow of the setting sun, Sr. Rosaline departed softly, silently and effortlessly around 9.30 am, Yesterday (03.03.2023). She attended the Holy Mass in the morning, received the Lord whose presence she always cherished, her last words to Sr,Regina Mary was ‘I am going to pray, you pray for me’ and she went to her room and around 9.30am in her sleep she passed away, this shows what Sr. Rosaline is.

There was great Joy and excitement on 21st September 1932 in the family of Mr. Mathew Pampackal and Mrs. Mariamma, as they welcomed their first born at Palai, Kerala. They had 10 children, 4 boys and 6 girls. Her parents were very pious and instilled the fear of God in their children. Family prayers in the morning and evening and the daily Eucharist nourished their lives.

Her Primary education was at Little Flower School owned by CMC Sisters at Mundankal. Middle and High School was with the F.C.C. Sisters. After the completion of her S.S.L.C. Examination, Sr. Rosaline joined the Band of the Sisters of the Cross, through the instrumentality of her Aunt, late Sr. Marie Celine. Younger Sisters Sr. Claris and Sr. Macarias joined the CMC Congregation. These two Sisters went before their eldest Sr. Rosaline to welcome her to sing the praises of God for all eternity.

Today, we take time to salute Sr. Rosaline for her contribution to the Growth of the Congregation and the communities that she lived in. Sr. Rosaline entered Postulancy in 1953 and pronounced her First Vows in 1956 and Final in 1959.

Sr. Rosaline served the Congregation in different Capacities – as Teacher, Headmistress, Superior, Postulant Mistress, Asst. Novice Mistress, Delegation Superior and Secretary to the Bishop of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. Her Theological studies at Regina Mundi, Rome from 1970-1973, gave her great impetus to cross the frontiers to work in Tanzania as a Missionary from 1979-1981 as one of the Pioneers to start the Mission in the East African soil in Tanzania. Sister had the privilege to teach in the Seminary and formed many holy Priests for the African mission.

Through her service of love, dedication and concern for the Sisters she facilitated fruitful apostolic involvement of her community, wherever she had been posted. She was fortunate to work at Vadugarpet, Tuticorin, Vellore, Hyderabad, Bapatla and Nandiraju Thota. The zestful and lively labour of her youthful days, sense of commitment and faithful service of her adult years, humble and submissive act of her community life, charitable and disciplined holy life, childlikeness in her attitude in accepting God’s designs, life experience of long years lived in cheerfulness and gratitude even in her old age are the real heritage Sister has left to all of us. Sister had toiled in the Vineyard of the Lord as an educationist, Administrator, Mentor, she gave her very best, for her deepest desire as expressed by her, “to burn out like a candle till it finishes itself.”

Sr. Rosaline had a cheerful disposition all through her life which attracted the students, teachers and the people to her. She was simple in her approach, kind in her dealings and committed in service. Her humorous and witty ways kept the community alive. Sister was a daring person who could face challenging situations with courage and determination. She was a woman of faith and prayer who gave importance to spiritual activities in her personal life and in her mission. She fulfilled the tasks entrusted to her with a sense of responsibility and spirit of dedication. Person with sensitive heart, reached out to the families of her students, teachers, sisters and others in time of their trouble and crisis. Her qualities of neatness, cleanliness, orderliness, punctuality, listening keenly with commitment and dedication were the hall mark of her life. She was always supportive and understanding towards the formees in the community. She encouraged them in their vocation and taught them to have a positive outlook towards life. She possessed within her a childlike spirit which stayed with her till the end.

Sr. Rosaline was blessed with the passionate love for God. Her deep attachment was evident in her words and deeds. Sister lived a profound life of Prayer. Prayer was her breath, her oxygen and her source of hope. Eucharist and Rosary were her constant companions as life’s journey.

In 2015, Sr. Rosaline came from Andhra Delegation after her very active involvement in the mission as she was sick. She was transferred to Mambalasalai, Tamil Nadu for Rest and Prayer. Even in her old age and sickness she was longing to go back to Andhra to do evangelization. From there in 2018 moved to Ashirvad for her intense preparation to meet her beloved. The appointed day for Sr. Rosaline to answer God’s final call came on 3rd March 2023 after 67 years of fruitful service in the vineyard of the Lord. We thank the Lord for the gift of 91 years of her generous service to the humanity.

Dear Sr. Rosaline your spiritual stamina, authentic life, deep sense of optimism has been a source of inspiration to all of us in the community. You bloomed as a beautiful flower in the garden of Sisters of the Cross, and now you continue to beautify it by your heavenly presence. We, your dear Sisters from far and near along with the members of your family and friends bid you a loving adieu. May you enjoy the fullness of the heavenly bliss in the Celestial company of the Holy Trinity, Blessed Mother Mary and all the Angels and Saints who have received you into their arms of love. We wish you a fond adieu and request you to intercede for us till we meet again in our Father’s home.

At this juncture, we express our debt of gratitude to the members of Pampackal family for their generous contribution to sacrifice their first born to the family of Holy Cross. May the good Lord reward you immensely.

Fond adieu dear Sr. Rosaline!

Sisters of Ashirvad Community
Trichy -17