Inter Cultural Living and Managing Diversity in Consecrated Life

Multiculturalism in practice is simply an expression of God’s creativity. We are called unconditionally to embrace the differences among us. A two day session on Inter Cultural Living and Managing Diversity in Consecrated life was organized for the sisters in the Province of Trichy on 3rd and 5th June 2022 at Fort by Rev. Bro. Dr. Paulraj SG. Montfort Brother of St. Gabriel. He is the Principal of Vidhya Deep College, Bangalore. Refocusing SCC towards a relevant Consecrated Life, focusing on the strength of the Province and appreciative inquiry, Difference is expected, respected and encouraged so that every sister can be productive, innovative and achieve to their fullest potential were dealt on the first day.

The inspirational capsules:
  • Charism based renewal, Redesigning the formation, Learning from our history, Transparency and accountability.
  • Centre your life on Christ, Centre your mission on poor, Return to your Charism.
To Ponder:
  • Every one smiles in the same way, why not same language?
  • Do we carry the structures or the structures carry us?
  • What am I doing that my Province would like me to do more of or less of?
Questions for group discussions:
  • Share about the culture of SCC Congregation. According to you what were the main aspects of the culture around which your Congregation emerged and grew up?
  • What is our Congregation culture? Define its different characteristics?
  • How is our Congregational culture being expressed concretely in the day today life of our sisters in the communities and in the Province of Trichy?

Multiculturalism doesn’t mean numerical but encouraging together and giving space for everyone. All of us are born into a particular culture. We are culturally embedded. Every culture is internally plural.

Need for Inter Cultural Living in Consecrated life:

Sense of belonging based on shared commitment. Commitment to the integrity and wellbeing. Attachment is the root cause for everything. All the members of the province must feel wanted, significant and secure. Differences that are nurtured lead to diversity and diversity that is celebrated is the spring board for creative change within our lives. Follow up actions were drawn for personal, community and at Province level. These two days session was enlightening, inspiring and helped us for our Inter Cultural Living and Managing Diversity in Consecrated Life