Marvelous indeed are the ways of God!
All praise and glory to Him!

When God has a plan for the growth of His kingdom especially in times of setbacks, He chooses persons and empowers them to carry out His designs. This is what happened in France in the 19th century when the country was deeply affected by the consequences of the Revolution of 1789 and the rigors of Jansenism. Ignorance and misery prevailed along with exploitation of the poor. God then chose courageous souls who searched for ways and means to remedy this evil and many Religious Congregations sprang up at this time. Ours is one of them. Fr.Pierre Mermier, the founder of the Missionaries of Saint Francis de Sales helped Claudine Echernier, our Foundress to start our Congregaiton in 1838 at Chavanod, a little village of Savoie in the South East of France.