Magic Matershina

Why are we swinging? This (already) is not a social marker – everything is used by non -normative vocabulary, however, in different circumstances and with different intonations. What is the communicative function of the mat and whether it changes over time?

Why are we so deliciously, abundantly use the mat in everyday speech? What are the origins of this obscene energy hidden? Finally, what is the meaning of the

phenomenon of active foul language in a modern civilized society?

Oddly enough, there is no clear answer to these questions.

Among philologists and linguists, perhaps only one famous Dmitry Sergeyevich Likhachev, academician and first chairman of the Russian Culture Fund, paid attention to the filth of speech activity. It so happened that even a student of Leningrad University, in 1928 he was arrested for participating in the literary circle “Space Academy of Sciences” and was sentenced to five years in prison ..

These years, the young St. Petersburg philologist spent a special purpose in the Solovetsky camp, where he found himself in a dense thickness of criminals, at the very day of the lower Russian speech.

So, the result of those years was his academic work “The features of primitive primitivism in the thieves’ speech” (1936).

I send all those who are curious to this brilliant article, which has not yet lost its relevance. If we speak briefly, the result of Likhachev’s observation for the Massion of the Thieves’ Feni and Mata boils down to the next. Monstrous hypertrophy of scream, a mat, which is pouring literally every word, erotic energy and total cynicism of thieves’ speech is nothing more than a continuation of the practice of primitive magic, the purpose of which is through the energy of short and constant curses to influence the physics of the world and through the spells in a trance statebring the spiritual nature of the existential cosmos and the physical world into a state of obedience and humility the wishes of the caster.

And the sexual aggression of the mat is a deep attitude of primitive consciousness on the female nature of the universe, which, only having received sexual wounds (shocks), becomes suitable for life.

There are many subtleties in Likhachev’s work, but briefly his conclusions are quite correctly reduced to this formula.

Reflecting in the line of Likhachev’s logic, it can be added that in the aggression of the mother of the criminal world after the revolution, the phenomenon of the perverted social defense of folk speech from the party novel, from the party’s attempt to control the language by the Marxist inversion, which, according to the highest account, was also hidden.Feni.

By and large, the speech of Marxist reinforcements, as well as the communication of thieves in law, are closed to prying ears and both bring the features of the secret code for devoted priests.

The speech of the Marxists and criminals will be equally incomprehensible to us.

But the time for Feni and Istmat remained in the past.

Today, the existence of the Mata has lost the previous features of self-awareness self-awareness, and the element of the criminal world of the 30s and 50s was on decline, there was no millionth landings, the gulag collapsed, the repression machine stopped, the bloody storm came to naught, although the blood is sometimes drunk according to the blood.Marking the power.

Surprisingly, I say as a writer, but the mat has ceased to look in modern literature, he lost half of the previous severity of fading.

I think that today the mat plays a different role, especially among youth. Swearing at school and student environment is characterized by a specific marker, who, like a borderline, circles sonor clearings for parties. This is not the previous aggressive match of the zone, which is akin to the lion’s pride, which, like the smell of urine, marks the forbidden territory, and something akin to an affectionate chosen, where all sorts of faki are something like the Albanian language on the Internet.

So simpler, so (paradox!) more tender, such a mat in a muzzle is akin to a musical background in the hands of a disc-jockey, it is devoid of swearing … Finally, these thorny sounds are akin to piercing, they are from the area of the sonor tattoo, which, unlike painful tattoos with needles, are playful in the gaming character of a colorful ornament;In the end, these colored patterns can be washed off.

Partly, this intimate swearing acts both as a sign of mutual intimacy, as a recognition of love, and a strong word behind a word, falling apart into an erotic vineyard, akin to the sensual battle of lovers in the moment of intercourse, which, as sexologists have long proved, increases the degree of proximity.

In a word, a mat today is a kind of erotic toys in a store of intimate curls for sex.