Narrated of the al-Bukhaari, 5090; Muslim, 1466) – whether the woman is and new when you look at the Islam (we

Narrated of the al-Bukhaari, 5090; Muslim, 1466) – whether the woman is and new when you look at the Islam (we


For the initial question, plus the next, once you entered Islam you turned among the many Muslims, with similar rights and you will duties while they has. Based on one, you might try to shield your own chastity by marrying people a and you can righteous lady, based on the terms and conditions of one’s Prophet (peace and you may blessings regarding Allaah end up being up on your) [regarding wanting a wife], “Discover the one who try religiously-enough time, get your hands feel applied with dust (i.e., can get you do just fine)!”

Next for many who propose ily do not concur, then chances are you should be patient and you will continue lookin, whilst the as well as proceeded so you can pray you to Allaah will make it simple on the best way to pick an excellent righteous lady who will make it easier to to follow the Lord.

“O humanity! I have written you against a masculine and you will a woman, making you to the regions and you will people, that you may learn both. Verily, the absolute most honourable people having Allaah is the fact (believer) who’s got During the-Taqwa [we.e. he could be among the Muttaqoon (the fresh pious]”

This new Prophet (peace and you will blessings of Allaah become up on him) said: “O you whom faith, verily your Lord is one, along with your father [Adam] is one. There’s absolutely no excellence out-of an enthusiastic Arab over a non-Arab otherwise regarding a non-Arab more than an enthusiastic Arab, otherwise out of a red-colored man more a black man or of a black colored man more than a reddish man, but regarding taqwa (piety). Have I conveyed (the content)?” It said: “The fresh new Messenger regarding Allaah (serenity and you can blessings from Allaah feel upon him) features shown (the message).”


(Narrated by the Ahmad, 5/411; classified while the saheeh from the al-Albaani in the Ghaayat al- Ibn Taymiyah that their isnaad is saheeh, within the al-Iqtidaa’, 69).

Centered on a unique hadeeth, the fresh new Prophet (peace and you will blessings off Allaah be through to him) said: “People that boast about their forefathers is desist or they’re going to be less high ahead of Allaah versus beetle that moves up brand new dung having its nose. Allaah has taken away from you this new arrogance regarding Jaahiliyyah and their pride from inside the ancestors, thus one is sometimes a great pious believer otherwise a condemned evildoer. Every people are the youngsters from Adam and you may Adam are made out of dirt.” (Narrated by the al-Tirmidhi, 3890; classified while the hasan from the al-Albaani during the Saheeh Sunan al-Tirmidhi, zero. 3100; and in Ghaayat al-, 312, it had been said that al-Tirmidhi and Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah classified it saheeh).

Hence it should be clear to you personally you to definitely Islam does not discriminate anywhere between one Muslim plus one by the people earthly conditions, whether or not that become the color, lineage, wide range or country. Rather really the only expectations whereby people are considered to be advanced so you can someone else in advance of Allaah was taqwa (piety, consciousness out-of Allaah). Indeed, the brand new sharee’ah commands this new protector away from a female, if an individual concerns propose relationships who is consistently-enough time as well as a reputation and you will thinking, to accelerate to set up the wedding, and to stay away from rejecting your and never accepting your, as the Prophet (comfort and you can blessings away from Allaah feel on your) said: “When the here involves your one which have whose religious relationship and you can character you are happier, upcoming get married the child [or female cousin under your care and attention] in order to your, getting if you do not accomplish that then you will see much tribulation and mischief regarding land.” It said, “O Messenger out of Allaah, what if discover other objection?” He said, “If the truth be told there comes to your you to definitely that have whoever religious connection and character you’re delighted, upcoming wed your own child [or feminine relative under your worry] to your,” 3 x.

We query Allaah to really make it simple for one wed a woman who can enable you to follow your Lord.